"And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the Chief Cornerstone."
Ephesians 2:20
Ephesians 2:20


Rick and Sheila Ackerman ~ Bolivia
Scott and Laura Allis ~ Kyrgyzstan
Bearing Precious Seed ~ Milford, Ohio
Bhadravathi Bible Baptist Church & Mission ~ India
Tabitha Brown ~  Northern India
Joseph and Laura Consford ~ Ivory Coast
Rodney and Cheri Frey ~ Argentina
Mark and Katie Gerosin ~ Columbia
Tyrone and Sharron Jackson ~ Trinidad
Edgard Landingin ~ Cambodia
Eric and Melissa Le'veille's ~ Montreal, Canada
Rey and Nicole Martinez ~ Lakota Sioux Indians
Kory and Wendy Mears ~ Fiji
Scott and Amanda Miller ~ Peru
J.D. and Jasmine Moses ~ Southern India
Koumaly Thongdy ~ Thailand
Tim and DebraTyler ~ Romania
Bob and Sandra Winters ~ French Polynesia

"Building On The Sure Foundation"

"Speaking the Truth in Love"

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